JOB Opportunities & Scopes
After completion of your educational duration and industrial training the way of lots of JOB or Business opportunities get opened. 
Hotel Industry is on top of the list when it comes to scope in terms of job and career. In hospitality industry, there are ample job opportunities. The diverse range of services present in this industry is focused towards customer satisfaction. In the entire world, the hospitality industry is growing in faster pace. Therefore, a wide scope of jobs is being generated for people, who have relevant experience of industry. Various work profiles for HM people to fit in are Housekeeping, Front Office, Maintenance, Restaurant Managers, Chefs & Cooks, Guest relations, Finance & Accounts, Travel Related services, House Keepers, Room boys, Captains & Stewards, Sales & Marketing.  
Government Sectors
 Tourism Department
 Government run Hotels (M.T.D.C.)
 Govt. Air lines, Railway
 Military services- like Air Force, Army and Navy
 Govt. Canteen
 Guest Houses etc.
Corporate Sectors
 Star & Luxury category hotels / Resorts in India and abroad
 Travel agencies in India and aboard.
 Pvt. Air lines like Indigo, Jet Airways, Sahara, Indian Airlines etc.
 Cruise lines or any larger ships used for water transportation.
 Industrial or hospital catering - Large Industries or Hospitals, which needs food
    arrangements in their work place.
 Hospitality related functions of big companies/ corporate offices / Hospitals like
    reception desk, housekeeping, service, back office area, call center, H.R.
    department etc.
 International Industries like Clubs, Multiplexes, Guesthouses, Amusement Park,
    International outlets like Pizza Hut, Mac Donald’s, KFC, Walmart, Big Bazar etc.
 Residential schools, hostels and colleges.
 As a teacher in Training Institutes and Colleges etc. 
Business Sectors
 Start your Business as a Entrepreneur of Hotel or Resort, Restaurant, Commercial 
    or Industrial/Collegiate Catering, Canteen, Café House, Bakery & Confectioneries,       Street food Outlets, Travel Agency, Event Management etc. 
 Entrepreneur of the food processing unit related canning tinned and
    packed food etc.